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The Lunacy of Stephen Moore

The Lunacy of Stephen Moore

Mr. Moore,

I write in response to a recent publication entitled “The Lunacy of the Left” which appeared in the Washington Times on April 3rd. While ignoring your offhand generalization of “the left” as lunatics, I take issue with the substance of your article.

An economist of your credentials must know that no system monopolizes power in the hands of the ruling class more so than free market capitalism. Look no farther than our own nation, the “triumph of capitalism”, which scholars have determined is not a democracy but rather an oligarchy. Our own nation, where the level of income inequality is behind only Turkey, Mexico, and Chile--countries which do not come to mind as shining examples of exceptionalism.


You also must know Cuba didn’t experience stagnation, deprivation, and dehumanization only because of Fidel Castro’s government. These trends are directly attributable to the crushing embargo and terrorist operations levied against the island since 1958 by the “shining city upon a hill” to the north. I’m sure you would concede that a country where the population is starving a dying does not present a fertile environment for a capitalism. It seems you forgot to ask yourself exactly why conditions were so, or at least failed to investigate why the population lacked the basic building blocks of a healthy society.

Experts around the world agree that the embargo has had significant effects on food, clean water, medicine, and the economic needs of the Cuban population. The embargo has been linked to a shortage of soap, medical information and supplies, and epidemics of certain diseases. It’s interesting that you so eagerly reference Ronald Reagan, because his former Secretary of State George Schultz has described our current approach as “ridiculous.” Every year since 1960 the United Nations General Assembly has passed a resolution criticizing the ongoing impact of our embargo--a resolution which passes with broad support except from US and Israel which should surprise no one.

As if that wasn’t enough, the CIA was also doing it’s best to unseat Fidel Castro’s government during the same period.  Under the direction of President Kennedy, American intelligence forces levied serious terrorist operations against infrastructure and human targets. Harvard Historian Jorge Dominguez explored just how far these operations went, catalogued CIA bombings and sabotages on targets including petroleum storage facilities, a railway bridge, and a power plant. They even went so far as to develop a plan to strike American civilian targets, blame it on Cuba and use it as justification to start a war. The worst part is that “only once in [the] thousands of pages of documents did a US official raise something that resembled a faint moral objection to US government sponsored terrorism.”

I would love to see evidence of “leftist lunatics” at Donald Trump rallies blatantly disrespecting our men and women in uniform. As far as I can tell, the only people throwing up Nazi salutes are his supporters.

I’d also love to learn more about these “speech police” and Justice Department initiatives to “jail people for questioning the climate change ‘consensus.’” This comes as news to me, and I’m sure it would come as news to the Justice Department as well.

Let me be perfectly clear--I love my country. I love my country because people are free to disagree with those in power, free to disagree with each other, and have a means of petitioning their government for redress. If the policies of my country are at odds with my own beliefs, I have the power to do something about it. I wear this responsibility with great pride. I believe everyone should have an equal chance to fulfill their god given potential. I believe that whether they are born to a wealthy family, a middle class family, or a homeless crack addict.

If you think that makes me a “leftist lunatic”, then I would encourage you to write back. The goal of this letter is start a dialogue, which from the tone of your article it seems you are unwilling to do with those whose views don’t match your own. I would be happy if you proved me wrong.

A Very Foreign, Foreign Policy

A Very Foreign, Foreign Policy